jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2011

The place where I live

I live in Ccatcca, which is a small town on the Andes in the south of the Cusco city. It has a poor of 5,000 people and has 24 rural communities.

It’s a beautiful place, and it’s great for walking. There are small streets, two churches, a municipal library, a municipal stadium and a small market where you can find, fruits, potatoes, beans and other products. Too, in the market you can have lunch and have breakfast but not have dinner.

The weather here is very different from the coast and jungle. The air is very dry, it has little oxygen, the sun burns much but not hot and run much windy. Sometimes rain for days. Here only has two seasons, dry and rainy.  In general the weather is cold at night and in the morning, and a little hot of day. In days sunny is great for going to the mountains or to the rivers.

Ccatcca is known for its Pachamama raymi’s Festival and is considered how the capital of the Andean spirituality. This festival is in july, with great assistance the people and  came from all the rural communities. The tourist attraccion in Ccatcca is probably the  snow Ausangate’s gazebo what is in the Cuyuni’s community. Too, for the middle from the city  passed the Inteoceanic road and for this you can arrive easily and fast.

But I think the best things about Ccatcca are the people, whose are very generous, friendly and hard-working. It’s very safe,  and has clean streets and clean air because here no contamination. So for these reason I would like live here.

Jaime Huamá Pérez Estudiante de la C. P. Antropologia UNSAAC, PUCP

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